The 2nd International Conference on UPstream EneRgy Technology And dIgitalizatioN (ICUPERTAIN) 2024

Selected Paper will be published in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Sciences, SINTA indexed journal/JSIS/SUBSURFACE

Our Theme

The theme of The 2nd International Conference on Upstream Energy and Digitalization (IC-UPERTAIN) 2024: Building a sustainable future: Upstream Energy and Digitalization”. The theme underscores the role of innovation in driving sustainability within the upstream energy sector. This includes embracing emerging technologies, developing eco-friendly drilling techniques, and investing in renewable energy sources to diversify the energy mix. Through digitalization, industry can streamline workflows, optimize production processes, and reduce operational costs. Advanced data analytics enable predictive maintenance, reservoir management, and real-time monitoring, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability. By integrating digital solutions and sustainable practices, the industry can enhance its resilience to external disruptions and future-proof operations against evolving regulatory, economic, and environmental challenges. 


The objectives of The 2nd International Conference on Upstream Energy and Digitalization (IC-UPERTAIN) 2024 are as follows: 

  1. To publish and disseminate the result of the research, that is related to upstream industry and digitalization. 
  2. To bring together, scientist, engineers, academia, and industrial stakeholders involved in discussion about strategy in the upstream energy in towards sustainable future. 
  3. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and technology in digitalization and upstream technology. 

Opening Video


International Conference

Plenary Session

Opening Speakers

1. Prof. Ir. Eddy Ariyono Subroto, Ph.D. , Chairman

2. Prof. Dr. Ir. Wawan Gunawan A. Kadir, MS. , Rector of Universitas Pertamina


International Speakers *

1. Prof. Tariq Alkhalifah Ph.D, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

2. Prof. Mrinal K Sen, University of Texas at Austin

3. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ir. Rudi Rubiandini R.S., Dipl.-Ing., Universitas Pertamina

Keynote Speakers *

1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, M.Sc, Minister of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia

* keynote & international speakers are in confirmation and subject to changed


International Speakers *

1. Prof. Antonio Patti, Monash University

2. Dr. Brian Russell, GeoSoftware

3. Henricus Herwin, Pertamina

Keynote Speakers *

1. Nicke Widyawati, President Director of Pertamina

2. Dwi Soetjipto, Head of Special Task For Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activitties Republic of Indonesia (SKK Migas)

* keynote  & international speakers are in confirmation and subject to changed

Technical Session

Technical Session 1 : Green Chemistry Application in Upstream Industry 

In the realm of the upstream industry, the adoption of green chemistry precedes a transformative shift towards sustainable practices. Embracing eco-friendly methodologies from exploration to extraction, this sector prioritizes environmental preservation alongside operational efficiency. Through the implementation of non-intrusive surveying methods during exploration and the utilization of solvent-free extraction techniques, the industry minimizes its ecological footprint while maximizing resource utilization. By integrating renewable energy sources into extraction processes, the upstream sector underscores its dedication to reducing carbon emissions and promoting ecological balance. These initiatives not only enhance operational efficiency but also reflect a steadfast commitment to fostering a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come. 

Technical Session 2 : Geology and Geophysics Method, Technology, and application for earth resources  

Geology and geophysics (G&G) make significant contributions to sustainability across multiple fronts. Geology and geophysics play a pivotal role in the responsible management of Earth’s resources by identifying and assessing minerals, fossil fuels, and water reservoirs, ensuring their sustainable utilizationThe G&G technology are crucial for developing renewable energy like geothermal, which important in the global transition towards low-carbon economies. The G&G also are instrumental in protecting the environment through the understanding and mitigation of geological hazards and contribute to water resource management and infrastructure planning. 

Technical Session 3: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Advance Computation and Applied Mathematics

The convergence of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Computation, and Applied Mathematics is important in fostering a sustainable future, particularly within the context of Upstream Energy and Digitalization. By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, industries can optimize resource exploration, extraction, and utilization processes while minimizing environmental impact. Data Science enables the analysis of vast datasets to identify trends and patterns, aiding in strategic decision-making for sustainable resource management. AI enhances operational efficiency by automating tasks, optimizing energy production, and reducing waste generation. Advanced Computation provides the computational power necessary for complex simulations and modellingfacilitating predictive analytics for risk assessment and resource optimization. Applied Mathematics forms the theoretical backbone for developing algorithms and models to address challenges in energy exploration, production, and distribution.  

Technical Session 4: Production and Drilling Technology 

These technologies for production and drilling encompass a wide array of tools and techniques utilized within the oil and gas sector to extract hydrocarbon resources and bringing them to the surface. Oil and gas production and drilling technology play a crucial role in advancing sustainability within the industry by minimizing environmental impact, enhancing operational efficiency, and supporting responsible resource management. Through continuous innovation, collaboration, and adherence to best practices, the industry can contribute to a more sustainable energy future while meeting global energy demand. 

Technical Paper Presentation (TPC)

We would like to invite engineers, scientists, academia, and students to submit paper in International Conference on Upstream Energy and Digitalization (IC-UPERTAIN). Technical paper presentation will consist of various topics such as:

  • Big data analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Structural Geology
  • Advanced Computation
  • Geomechanics
  • Geothermal
  • Operation Safety
  • Production Technology
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Geology and Geophysics Method
  • Seismology and Geodynamics
  • Petrology and Mineralogy
  • Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Production Optimization
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Improved Oil Recovery (IOR)
  • Mature Field Rejuvenation
  • Biomass/Biogenic Gas
  • Production Optimization
  • Applied Mathematics in Upstream Industry
  • Digital Oilfield and Project Cost Optimization
  • Reservoir and Production Management
  • Operation and Integrity Management
  • Drilling, Completion, and Well Intervention
  • Reservoir Engineering, Simulation, and Modelling
  • Unconventional and Renewable Energy
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Convention Session

Pathways to sustainability: shaping the future of upstream industry 

The convention serves as a platform for industry leaders, policymakers, experts, and stakeholders to explore diverse aspect of sustainability within the upstream oil and gas sector. The event aims to address pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges while exploring innovative strategies, technologies, and collaborations to pave the way for a more sustainable future. The participant will gain insights into the latest trends, research findings, and technological advancements aimed at addressing the current challenges in the upstream industry.  

Conference Schedule

July 2024

Call For Paper

5 September 2024

Deadline Abstract Submission

30 September 2024

Announcement Abstract Acceptance

14 October 2024

Deadline Payment

30 October 2024

Deadline Full Paper

5 to 6 November 2024

The 2nd International Conference on UPstream EneRgy Technology And dIgitalizatioN (IC-UPERTAIN)

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Rp 500.000
$ 35

Professional / Academia / International Online

Rp 500.000
$ 35
Professional / Academia / International Offline
Rp 1.000.000
$ 70

Additional Fee for Scopus

Rp 1.700.000
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• Registration fee is valid for one paper or abstract and one presenter.
• Offline registration fees include lunch and coffee breaks.

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